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Punjab Agri Ventures Limited
About Us  
Punjab Agri Ventures Limited (PAVL) is a world class, state of the art, ultra modern, horticulture & food processing complex.

It is a place where our team dreams up new “Just Punjabi” Ready to Cook and Ready to Eat products. The challenge lies in providing products that are safe and hygienic and at the same time to blend imagination with technology.
“Just Punjabi” represents products that are robust like the famed Punjabis. More than just reflecting the richness of North Indian food, it reflects applying right solutions from a dedicated agricultural hub Punjab Agri Food Parks Limited (PAFPL) that has the resources and infrastructure to provide world-class extension services for demand driven agriculture and better farming practices. Agronomists oversee harvesting, sorting, grading and providing any further value addition including use of recommended cold chain facilities. Services of an independent third party Laboratory situated within the Complex are being taken for testing of both produce and products on lines of ISO-17025 including nursery, seed, soil and water to ensure that pesticide residues and heavy metals do not exceed the limits safe for human consumption. The processing involves analyzing the critical points, which often involves setting up a plan like HACCP, performing in process controls and fast troubleshooting.
Consumer Confidence in Food Products is more than just Food Quality and Safety at manufacturing stage. To ensure that products on the shelves are safe a variety of tools and processes must be implemented throughout from farm to fork.

The satisfaction of our consumers is of paramount importance as well as an overriding business requirement. We believe sampling and testing of raw material or an end product alone is not an effective way of eliminating hazards. Instead we trace and record each step in the food chain right from inception that enables us to monitor and prevent risk at every stage of activity.

Be it a farm product, private labeling, or co-packing, your recipe or one of ours, we are confident you will find our services and products to be of the highest quality.